Day 48: 100 Happy (Disney) Days


The Yacht Club Lighthouse.

Whenever people play the game “If You Could Be Anywhere in the World,” where you pick where you could be at Disney with just the snap of your fingers, this is the spot I always think of. It’s just so peaceful here listening to the sound of the water, or the seagulls flying overhead. I love this spot at either night or day. It’s especially entertaining to watch the Boardwalk from here at night when it’s all lit up and the sounds of the Atlantic Dance Hall float across the water. Or during the day, to think about whether you should continue down the path to International Gateway and Epcot. Or perhaps you should jump on a Friendship Boat and head down the waterway to Hollywood Studios. I think this lighthouse just reminds me about all the exciting possibilities a day at Disney can bring. And it’s a great spot to remember all of the excitement the day has already brought as you drag yourself up the steps of the Yacht Club and to your nice, cozy bed.

Day 47: 100 Happy (Disney) Days


The showers in the Little Mermaid section of Art of Animation.

I must admit, when all of the photos started surfacing of Art of Animation during it’s phased opening, one of my favorite details was the Ariel grotto showers in the Little Mermaid section. If you are a child of the 90s, there’s a lot at this resort to make you giddy. Ariel is a personal favorite of mine and I have a lot of childhood memories that include her. There was a while where I just wanted to BE her! I remember being fascinated by her grotto as a child and this gives me an opportunity to personally explore! Are there other details at the Art of Animation that stand out to you?

Day 46: 100 Happy (Disney) Days


Monorail transportation at the World!

For me, and I believe for many Disney fans, the monorail transportation system is synonymous with the Disney parks. I can’t imagine coming to visit Walt Disney World without taking the monorail for transportation at least once, as it is in itself an attraction. How many times do you hear Disney fans quoting portions of the monorail spiel? I know at times I’m guilty! My favorite loop is the Epcot one so that you can take a quick spin over Epcot’s Future World! Although the resort loop is pretty cool too as you glide through the Contemporary Resort and past the Walt Disney World train station on your way to the Magic Kingdom stop! Which loop do you try to take? Do you ride Disney’s “highway in the sky” for convenience as a mode of transportation? Or do you view it as a “must do” attraction?

Day 45: 100 Happy (Disney) Days


The seating area at Flame Tree Barbecue in Animal Kingdom.

First of all, Flame Tree Barbecue is itself one of those things at Disney that I know makes me and many others happy with their delicious dining options. However, my favorite part is really the seating area. I love the detail in the ground and the various plant life you are surrounded by. I love the tranquil pool with the stone carvings the most. It’s so quiet and peaceful back here and provides a nice break to just take in the atmosphere while enjoying a pulled pork sandwich. It’s fun to hear the sounds of Expedition Everest float across the lake while you plan out the rest of your day’s adventures!

Day 44: 100 Happy (Disney) Days


Mickey waffles for breakfast.

Everything is better when it’s Mickey shaped! When faced with a plethora of breakfast options in the morning, if there is a Mickey waffle option usually this is the one that wins out. There’s just something about starting your day with a Mickey themed breakfast that just seems appropriate!

Day 43: 100 Happy (Disney) Days


Main Street USA at night.

All Disney fans have their personal preference for when they find the parks to be the most magical. For me, Main Street USA is meant to be seen in all it’s glory at night, when the lights are all ablaze and the shop windows are all backlit, throwing their displays into a sort of spotlight. I love seeing the sugar seeking customers stroll into the ice cream parlor, and the caffeine lovers step into the coffee shop. Anything to make sure you make it through those last extra magic hours! I love hearing the music playing along the street – even the music holds more magic for me at night even though it’s the same loop as during the day!

Day 42: 100 Happy (Disney) Days


Giraffes while on safari.

While going on safari in the Harambe Wildlife Preserve one of my favorite parts is seeing the giraffes out on the savannah. It’s so fascinating to see them interact with one another, and to see them glance at our rumbling trucks with passing curiosity. While I’ve seen giraffes within the confines of pens at zoos, there is something so amazing in watching them roam a landscape skillfully created to mimic their indigenous home. It always frustrates me when people are dismissive of Animal Kingdom on the whole, because I feel like experiences like this can be so beautiful if properly appreciated.