Art Journaling at Disneyland


So I was searching around the many different blogs that exist in the Disney fan universe the other day and I came across an article by Nicole on Sparkly Ever After about a class she was going to be guest teaching in. The class takes its students on a virtual trip around Disneyland and teaches Art Journaling along the way. Seriously?! This sounded like such a fun idea to me that I immediately had to head over to the website to learn more! The instructor, Tangie Baxter, is an artist who teaches various virtual and physical Disneyland related art classes. Since I’m off for my very first Disneyland trip in a week and a half I thought this would be such a fun way to get prepped for and then remember this whirlwind adventure! I’ve just bought all my art supplies and spent the last half hour perusing the paint aisle getting so excited to unleash some Disney ceativity in water color form! 

I believe the class is still open for enrollment so if you are interested head on over to Art Journaling the Magic to learn more!!

My California Adventure Continues 

So we last left off with my top ten for Disneyland attractions and miscellaneous must do’s for my very first visit to the Disneyland Resort next month. Today it’s time to check off those Disney California Adventure Must Do’s and I’m going to bring a little bit of Stacey with me to California and list my Top Seven for this one!

Attractions – Disney California Adventure

1. Radiator Springs Racers

This one needs no explanation. I have avoided watching YouTube videos of this attraction for the last three years just so I can go into it waiting to be amazed.

2. World of Color

Since this World of Color doesn’t have a WDW counterpart, I am dying to see this. I love the music and I love the idea behind it so I can’t wait to witness it for myself. Fast Pass is already on my list to grab!

3. California Screamin

I love a good roller coaster and need to see how this one stacks up. Should we sit in the front or back?

4. Tower of Terror

This is hands down my favorite attraction at WDW. If I could build a ride in my backyard this would be the one! I have to see how California does it! 

5. Monsters Inc – Mike and Sulley to the Rescue!

Again, WDW doesn’t have this one and I love the Monsters Inc characters. I can’t wait to visit Monstropolis!

6. Maters Junkyard Jamboree

I don’t even know why, but when I see all the videos for this one everyone comes off that one with a smile on their face. It’s so simple but so fun!

7. Aladdin the Musical

Can’t wait to see the Broadway show in New York, but I feel like I need to see this one first!

Miscellaneous – Disney California Adventure

1. Have a glass of Lassetter wine at the Carthay Circle Lounge

2. Visit with Oswald

3. Take a picture with the Storytellers statue 

4. See Cars Land at night

5. Eat at the Cozy Cones – Reds apple freeze and chili cone carne are in my future!

6. Shop on Buena Vista Street

7. Check out the Animation Building 

That about wraps up my Disneyland Resort Must Dos! Let me know again if I should add or change anything! I’m not used to having my park game plan down so I apprciate any advice from Disneyland regulars! 

Are there any hidden gems I should check out? And snacks or drinks we should be sure to partake in?

I’m really looking forward to spending some time in the place where Walt walked and just taking in the whole experience. I love traveling and seeing new places so I’m also excited to see Los Angeles and what it has to offer. I don’t have any real need to do the whole “see the stars’ homes” tours, or anything like that. That doesn’t really interest me. But I am looking forward to the Santa Monica Pier and the craziness of Venice Beach. I’m running the Hollywood Half Marathon that weekend so of course I’m excited to get my own sparkly star medal at the end. And I’m really looking forward to hanging out with friends and celebrating birthdays and unbirthdays.

But mostly Disneyland. :)

My California Adventure

So…it’s been a while.


A really long while since I last posted. But you know, life gets in the way and other things just end up taking a back seat. Hopefully, I can start to get caught up on the Disney things I’ve been up to since my last posting, because those Disney things were pretty cool and such meaningful memories to me and I would love to share them!

But before I start to look back, in true Walt Disney style, let’s instead look forward!

Next month I am taking my very first trip to California, and of course that means my very first trip to Disneyland! This trip is such an impromptu adventure and it was only recently pulled together, but as of today, flights are booked, plans are being solidified, and most importantly, Disneyland schedules have been consulted!

Now, the whole reason for this California trip isn’t to visit Disneyland. I have to keep telling myself that this isn’t a Disney trip.

This. Isn’t. A. Disney. Trip.

This is to celebrate my friend’s birthday. She used to live out in L.A. and so I’m helping to celebrate with her back in one of her favorite places with some of her California friends. Of the four, yes only four, days we will be in California, only ONE of those will be spent on Disney property.  It actually starts to stress me out thinking about all of the things I want to do there and how there is absolutely no way to squeeze all of the Disneyland nostalgia, history, and just plain amazingness into like eighteen hours. Yes, I will just need to go back at some point!

So I decided that in my pre Disneyland excitedness, before the long weekend extravaganza where there will be no sleeping, and we will all be surviving on caffeine and adrenaline, that I would create my Disneyland Must Do’s. This is so that in my sleep deprived state I will at least have a plan of attack! I have to split this out into two categories. One is attractions and the other is miscellaneous, because as a Disney fan there is so much more to the Disneyland Resort than how long the Radiator Springs Racers standby line is. (Although RSR is definitely on my must do!)

So for all of you Disneyland veterans out there, let me know if there is something that is missing off of either of my lists that a Disney fan can’t leave property without visiting!


Attractions – Disneyland

1. Haunted Mansion.

For obvious reasons.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean.

Again obvious…

3. Indiana Jones Adventure

Walt Disney World doesn’t have this attraction and it’s popular with so many Disneylanders that I definitely need to check this out.

4. Big Thunder Mountain

I’m not sure how different this one is from Walt Disney World, but I passed on doing the one at Disneyland Paris because I thought they were the same and then later found out I should have waited in line!

5. Alice in Wonderland

Again, mostly because WDW doesn’t have this classic and because I am a fan of the Disney Dark Ride :)

6. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

I vaguely remember this one from when I was little and it was in WDW, so I would love to take a trip down memory lane! Plus, I believe this is a DL opening day original!

7. It’s A Small World

Again, pretty obvious… I have to see where the never ending refrain started! I heard that the exterior has been hidden though due to anniversary preparations. I hope not!

8. Space Mountain

Can’t wait to check this one out! I love the WDW one for my own nostalgic reasons, but I also loved the Disneyland Paris version. I need to see how this one compares!

9. Finding Nemo Submarines

I’m kind of flip flopping whether this is a must do for me. I hear the lines can get pretty long, but I think the idea of going in those subs is so cool.

10. The Castle Walkthrough

This seems like a sleeper must do. When I ask others what I need to put on my list, this one is always mentioned but thrown in at the last minute. So everyone always seems to think of it, it’s just not the first one to pop in their heads!

***When I’m there both Peter Pan and the Matterhorn will be closed for renovations otherwise both of those would have been on my Must Do’s***

Miscellaneous – Disneyland

Most of these have to do with just taking in the ambience and enjoying my surroundings.

1. The light in the window above the Fire Station

2. Check out the windows on Main Street

3.  Drink a Mint Julep and have Mickey beignets

4. Take a picture of the Partners statue

5. Eat a corn dog – I’ve never had a corn dog but I hear Disneyland does them right

6. Go shopping at the Music Store on Main Street.

7. Find the entrance to Club 33

8. Visit the Snow White wishing well

**I’m going to put the following two on my list because they would be must do’s, but won’t be available when I’m there. I just couldn’t really bring myself to remove them**

9. Meet and Greet with Thor and Captain America.

We don’t get the Avengers in WDW. They still belong to the park down the street, so seeing them in a Disney surrounding would have been awesome. But it looks like at this point these meet and greets won’t be available starting April 1st…

10. Take a picture in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

I can’t believe I finally make it out to California and the castle will be hidden by a giant sheet. When I went to Disneyland Paris the bottom half of that beautiful castle was also under renovation. I’ve been to WDW an insane number of times and I have never had it hidden from view – cranes in the background more times than not, yes, but not actually hidden… soo bummed about this. It’s just the way my luck works. I’m sure when the castle is unveiled it will be beautiful though.


I’ll list my Disney California Adventure Must Do’s in another post, but until then, let me know what you think I need to add, replace, or delete!! I’m not really thinking in terms of realistic time patterns. Just a Disney fan’s optimistic thinking. We’ll start tweaking the plan as the day goes on. Until then I’m going in super confident in my Disney stamina and in the coffee at Jolly Holiday!



Day 48: 100 Happy (Disney) Days


The Yacht Club Lighthouse.

Whenever people play the game “If You Could Be Anywhere in the World,” where you pick where you could be at Disney with just the snap of your fingers, this is the spot I always think of. It’s just so peaceful here listening to the sound of the water, or the seagulls flying overhead. I love this spot at either night or day. It’s especially entertaining to watch the Boardwalk from here at night when it’s all lit up and the sounds of the Atlantic Dance Hall float across the water. Or during the day, to think about whether you should continue down the path to International Gateway and Epcot. Or perhaps you should jump on a Friendship Boat and head down the waterway to Hollywood Studios. I think this lighthouse just reminds me about all the exciting possibilities a day at Disney can bring. And it’s a great spot to remember all of the excitement the day has already brought as you drag yourself up the steps of the Yacht Club and to your nice, cozy bed.

Day 47: 100 Happy (Disney) Days


The showers in the Little Mermaid section of Art of Animation.

I must admit, when all of the photos started surfacing of Art of Animation during it’s phased opening, one of my favorite details was the Ariel grotto showers in the Little Mermaid section. If you are a child of the 90s, there’s a lot at this resort to make you giddy. Ariel is a personal favorite of mine and I have a lot of childhood memories that include her. There was a while where I just wanted to BE her! I remember being fascinated by her grotto as a child and this gives me an opportunity to personally explore! Are there other details at the Art of Animation that stand out to you?

Day 46: 100 Happy (Disney) Days


Monorail transportation at the World!

For me, and I believe for many Disney fans, the monorail transportation system is synonymous with the Disney parks. I can’t imagine coming to visit Walt Disney World without taking the monorail for transportation at least once, as it is in itself an attraction. How many times do you hear Disney fans quoting portions of the monorail spiel? I know at times I’m guilty! My favorite loop is the Epcot one so that you can take a quick spin over Epcot’s Future World! Although the resort loop is pretty cool too as you glide through the Contemporary Resort and past the Walt Disney World train station on your way to the Magic Kingdom stop! Which loop do you try to take? Do you ride Disney’s “highway in the sky” for convenience as a mode of transportation? Or do you view it as a “must do” attraction?

Day 45: 100 Happy (Disney) Days


The seating area at Flame Tree Barbecue in Animal Kingdom.

First of all, Flame Tree Barbecue is itself one of those things at Disney that I know makes me and many others happy with their delicious dining options. However, my favorite part is really the seating area. I love the detail in the ground and the various plant life you are surrounded by. I love the tranquil pool with the stone carvings the most. It’s so quiet and peaceful back here and provides a nice break to just take in the atmosphere while enjoying a pulled pork sandwich. It’s fun to hear the sounds of Expedition Everest float across the lake while you plan out the rest of your day’s adventures!